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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now abc 2news at 11. >> the heat is on and here to stay. >> i do believe that somewhere along the line justice has to prevail past all this. >> tonight christopher brown's mother is packing out. >> keith matthews fan out tonight. a tornado turned his life unside down but his fans are putting it right side up. >> and for those who want good stories, see how this story will make you ralphly to this little boy. >> a mild night and we will look at days of heat soon. >> that's right. it'll get hot the next couple days. wyatt has what kind of temperatures we are talking about. triple digits. >> i think we can get 100. one last pleasant evening as we look over the night sky.
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it'll get hot and muggy and sticky. classic maryland summer weather. really not a cloud in the sky but temperatures today reaching 90, that was child's play. heat watch up in effect for baltimore, dc, philadelphia, for the day friday tomorrow will still be hotter. low to mid90's, especially down in the heart of the city. much hotter and more humid toward the weekend. >> tonight a baltimore county police officer is back at home with his family after being charged with manslaughter in the death of a teen. >> the officer now faces criminal charges in the death of the 17-year-old christopher brown. >> this afternoon a judge let him leave the courthouse, he didn't have to put up bail. >> we were in the courtroom for that and then spoke to the victim's mother. >> reporter: his mother waited almost two weeks to hear about criminal charges in connection with her son's death but
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instead of that she said she got a double dose of disappointment. hours after the police officer charge charged in the death of her son walked out of the courthouse a freeman, christopher brown's mother said she had been hoping for a second degree murder charge. >> i got a slap. >> reporter: what the officer got was one charge of manslaughter and one charge of involuntary manslaughter and he was released, with no money or property in exchange. >> if it was the average person they wouldn't be any doubt that it would be 100,000- dollar bail on a average citizen who . >> reporter: the attorney argued that the officer has family in the area, poses no flight risk and has no previous criminal record. >> thank you for coming out. it's very satisfied with the decision that was made. >> reporter: four county police
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officers told the judge about the responsible character of the officer and a father. >> they talked to me earlier they never called me and said to come in and tell the judge how you feel. >> reporter: in announcing his ruling the judge said it's not a matter of being lenient but what's fair and appropriate. brown's mother has a different value. >> didn't even have to put up a bail. you didn't make it a fight. no kind of which way so that lets me know i have to. >> reporter: if the officer is convicted of manslaughter orrin voluntary manslaughter he could face up to ten years. they are both felonies so he has been suspended without pay. brown's mother wants wants an an exterm investigation. >> thank you. new tonight a police officer who was shot last january is
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now facing charges for perjury. the detective is facing four criminal charges in connection with the case. the shooting happened at a parking garage not to far from the inner harbor. a murder suspect is about to have more charges after authorities say he killed his cell mate. the victim in this case, 21- year-old robert tunnel was serving time on a sex offense case. authorities haven't released the suspect's name. that will happen when charges are officially announced. >> a deadly shooting this morning in essex. it happened at 5:30 on garden drive. police arrived found a woman shot. she was dead at the scene. police are working on suspects and a motive. out of annapolis, police say they are looking for a man who stole a car and kidnapped hisi. mark jackson is wanted on counts including assault and kidnapping. his wife said he threw her in the car and choked her.
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police found the car but can't find jackson. >> a motorcyclist died after a crash. it happened before 11:00 on hartford road. the sheriff's office said the motorcycle crashed into a hartford county highway dump truck. witnesses say it was speeding crossed the yellow line to pass cars. the man was 23. take a look at this. this from middle town delawar. a store taken over by fire. nobody was hurt. we don't know what started the fire. >> on friday it'll be one month since a tornado looked down keith matthews. the building he got a paycheck from collapsed on top of him. tonight friends and family came together to help him get back on his feet. we were there as they gathered at the belaire waffle house.
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>> trying to keep a roof. >> reporter: the young at heart led a rally tonight. >> he is recovering. he is suffered a broken femur and several places. broken ribs. >> reporter: family and friends with fork and knife in hand gathered at the waffle house tonight, 20% of all checks will go to helping jackie and her family get back on their feet. >> help sustain our house, our home, put food on the table for us. >> knew that was a kind of a small tornado. you know it still turned cars up and down. still ripped garage doors off. you know, it still can buck concrete. >> reporter: his family owned business was destroyed and sent him to the hospital. >> wondering did anybody see me, did anybody see this, you
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know, while i'm laying there. >> reporter: someone did, coming to his rescue with no insurance, no way to provide the time is now and the need is urgent. >> we are just doing what we can. everybody is doing what we can toe be able to keep a roof. >> don't really know how many friends you have until you get hurt and next thing you know they go come out of everywhere. >> reporter: all donations will help pay for his medical bills putting them one step closer to normal. >> the whole lot of love in this family and together, together we will do it. >> reporter: in belaire, abc 2news. >> you may notice an exit ramp on route 40 will be closed tomorrow. for the next day and the day after that. the bit ramp at southbound 715 will be closed for a year, that's the short lane exit, some detour signs, its part of a project to improve the area after some of the changes that
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came after brack. >> tomorrow it'll be a big day down the parkway in washington. the court will issue its ruling on the president's health care overhaul. states and businesses are holding their breath unsure of how they will have to respond to this historic decision. some political people say it could make or break the president's chances for a second term. and also, members of the house of representatives will vote on whether they think the attorney general should be held in contempt of congress. they want the white house to turnover documents related to the fast and furious operation but holder and the administration refuse siting executive privilege. two democrats say they will side with republicans on this. >> closer to home a community came together this morning for a young boy in need of help. >> charlie was there and was more on a wonderful story of a neighbor helping a neighbor. >> reporter: it's a workday for leroy. he is the foreman for a crew of two dozen from the home depot
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and contractors, working to make this 11-year-old's life easier. >> building this ramp for me. >> reporter: his grandmother said get around for the boy has been a challenge his entire life. before today if he wanted to get inside he had to crawl up the set of concrete steps to the back door. >> hurts my shins. >> i want to cry because i'm so joyed and so happy that my grandson leroy is getting a ramp so he can get in and out of the house without having to crawl. >> reporter: a lot of the thank you must go to friend and neighbor arena, she help set the foundation to led to people getting involved. >> having the ramp i think will make her life easier and
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his. it's good to know we can help him get into his home and not struggle and why we are here. that's why. >> reporter: that's what it's about. >> yeah. >> reporter: what started out as a ramp has now grown into something bigger. they are cleaning up the yard and will build him a new fence. >> people are extending some of their -- some of their time helping me out. >> reporter: are how does that make you feel? >> happy. . >> reporter: climbing the steps isn't something he will miss any time soon. because of a few just looking to lend a hand now he has a new way to roll and can focus on being a kid. what do you want to do? >> the nail gun. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> great little foreman. in addition to home depot others will be helping them out in the future making sure their home is more accessible for
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him. >> that's great. >> yeah. . >> you may be checking now on your facebook, here we go. >> do you want to know about the change that have hit recently? how you can track the changes and which you can put back. >> and a massive heat ridge headed our direction. out of the midwest you can see 102 today in kansas city. the details on what it arrives here. >> a dog story. making man's best friend feel at home when you are not at home. tonight we will tell you how the city is working on dog's best friend. are they on facebook too? look at the paws. abc 2news is back in 60 seconds.
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. new video to show you out of colorado springs, colorado. a epic wildfire still swallowing up homes. >> a massive evacuation as flames move at three football fields a minute. more are sleeping in shelters,
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32,000 forced out of their home, many got texts today saying they had minutes to get out. tonight they are grate for answers. >> so hot, just to think of going back and finding my house in ruins. >> we are in a limbo state trying to find out what is the next step. >> 700cadets from the air force academy had to evacuate. more than one thousand from across the country are working on it. we are told it's still to soon to count how many homes are gone. and the images from florida really a big contrast but just as bad. now that the remnants of debbi have passed, residents are trying to to assess the damage. some say they have about 30 inches of rain in two days. the ground is so soaked it'll take weeks for the water to go away. > if you have logged onto facebook in the last couple days you may have noticed the
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message about new changes to your profile and some of them you may not like. john explains what they are and what you can do get around them. >> reporter: so how do you like facebook now? the social site has been acting like a 500-pound gor are illa making changes to pages, profiles, and privacy without asking anyone. users getting blind sided learning about these only after the fact. the latest, just this week facebook quietly made two big changes, assigning everybody a facebook e-mail address, then it ticked off more by rolling out an app to find friends near you which critics labeled a stalking app. as result of the out cry from that feature but everybody will now have an e-mail address which will show up on your profile page.
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tech bloggers calling them brute force moves since facebook is making them on their one and isn't giving them an opportunity to opt out. don't bother complaining. remember you don't own your facebook page and you don't pay for the service so don't like it, close the account. for more, go to the web page, click the money tab up top so you don't waste your money. >> like i know the rules for this. we want to say you that can opt out of the e-mail facebook, you just have to go through your account settings and you can edit your information in the general account setting screen. how did i do? all right. good. >> sounds good. the crib or the play yard that your child uses may be deemed unsafe. today the consumer product safety commission created stricter rules for e products. they take effect in december and will apply to newportable cribs and play yards in theth. now the stu term is a response
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to a law named for a 16-month- old who died when a folding play yard collapsed on him. >> everybody working with play yards must comply with the stand after hard that will prevent the deadly side rails. >> they said because of the new regulations the united states now has the strongest crib safety standard in the world. >> google jumped in to the crowd at tablet market. the nexus7 shown off at their tech conference. it's seven inches, it's a tablet, it can be used fore books, magazines, movies, it has features like siri where you can ask it questions, it only costs 199 dollars. available on the google market. it'll ship in mid-july. >> some areas it's a struggle just to get a dog park.
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place for the dogs to run, socialize and play. >> not in annapolis. while dogs may be man's best friend annapolis just may be dog's best friend. don harrison. >> reporter: annapolis is always been friendly but this? >> a lot of the shops you can take the pet in. it's really dog friendly . >> reporter: and the shop owners are ready for them. >> just about every store has either water or little dog treats for them. >> reporter: i think you missed some. when you have your best friend with you, there is no rush to get back home. >> i think it -- allows people to do more shopping and feel more comfortable because they bring their pets with them and walk for a longer time because he is having a good time and i am. >> reporter: you will find all kinds of dogs downtown, black,
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light, big, little, did i say big? meet zeke. >> he is a favorite, people and kids alike love him. of course he loves getting attention. >> reporter: getting a random kiss from a 150-pound dog is considered lucky. enjoy your good fortune. when he is tired of the meet and greet its time to take a ride. annapolis city encourages you to bring your dog on to the buses, this freedom of walking around one gets thirsty. >> a small town effect that it makes it feel like home. >> reporter: when you are at home drink up. when you are downtown in annapolis you can tell the dog owners enjoy themselves and i think the dogs do too. what do you think pepper? in annapolis, don harrison.
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abc 2news. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> pepper, come on. maryland's newest tv star right there. this will be friday, our four legged friends won't like this heat. especially the ones with the thick coats. one more pleasant evening. weather wise we have 73 now at the airport. humidity 57%. wind is calm to the breeze is gone now. look at dundock. the sunset, finishing out the day on a quiet note. manchester, carol county, again a very nice clear finish to the day and ocean city, beach not as packed during the middle of the week but i think it'll be packed by the weekend. this heat will drive people down there. the radar clear, should be clear until we get to the peak afternoon heating each day where we coulde a couple of heat driven thunderstorms, temperatures low 70's and the
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overall set up pleasant. still low to moderate. it's about to ramp up. winds will shift to a more southwesterly flow. its going to bring in hotter, more humid winds, a very quiet weather map. that's not always good. that means a huge high pressure dome. big tropical high and the very long days, some of the longest in late june. hotter conditions will work in as we go into the next couple days, especially after tomorrow. you can see it on the future temperatures maps into the day tomorrow. low to mid-90s. nothing crazy for around here but look to the west. 109 louisville and into the 100's toward st. louis and hotter toward the second half of the weekend. very hot conditions, well above
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100 expected in spots. debbi, what's left of her, debbi downer, she continues to fizzle out off the atlantic coast, florida not dealing the flooding rains. it'll only be an issue for ships at a's things quiet from debbi the rest of the outlook though perhaps, some enhanced wave action at the beach toward the weekend and early next week from debbi off shore. still about as cool -- the next three, four, five, six days, tomorrow 93 as we get hotter. i think downtown will be in the mid90's. tomorrow night maybe a stray heat driven thunderstorm. you say tomorrow night will be muggy era round here in the mid70's. so much for the ac not having to be set up all night because you can see if the outlook, friday, saturday, sunday temperatures pushing 100 degrees. heat index will be over a
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hundred. humidity. the humidity. >> i just found we are the number one station in dogs, adult dogs from ten to 15. >> i would think so. >> pepper. >> what a cutie. >> on cue. >> yeah. >> the word is on the street that you are going to be there tomorrow night. social media saying that you will be there tomorrow night. if you are single you should at least entertain yourself to go down to the green turtle on medicare henry road because you could win a spot on the bachelor or bat bachelorette. the rules and the regulations are on the website. wyatt will be there. he will be like the host bringing everybodyn. >> yeah we have to talk to the people and the girls and the guys, why they want to be on the show. >> that sounds good. >> its going to be the most --. >> cuties for wyatt. >> more of the news when he
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come back. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up, stressed out women across the nation turning to their kids add pills to help them do it all. dangerous rise of aderol addicted moms. and rebels fighting for their lives in one of the most dangerous countries on earth. that's's on night line.
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you don't exactly have that green thumb. but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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. the angels have 16 hits tonight. kelly clarkson has 15. la, 13-1. look at this trout. this kid is 20. that's the problem.
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we don't have a 20-year-old stud like this. he went four for five tonight and incredible catch. the orioles host the indians for four starting tomorrow. look at its three of them out there. >> michael phelps, beat his rival tonight. they will both swim is in london. >> we have a close up. michael jumped out of that pool and knew this was the big win for him tonight. just --. >> gave --. >> i'm still here. >> i like it. >> like it. >> not that we ever doubted. >> no. no. no. >> good summer olympics. >> yep. >> heat coming on. maybe you want to go to the pool. today we were in the upper 80s. tomorrow the 90's. looks like the peak of this coming heat wave. do what you can and stay cool.
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? the crowd tomorrow night at the green turtle. >> it'll be a hot spot. i say a little over 93.
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